The list includes every kind of event that tourists can expect to attend as listeners (with or without charges for admission). Opportunities to perform are not included: if you are a reasonably competent player or singer of karawitan and are interested in taking part in klenèngan or latihan, it is best to rely on local contacts known to you or your teachers. They will also be able to give information on 'one-off' events that you may be allowed to attend – for example, the wayang performances commissioned for celebrations by families and institutions.

For events related to palace festivals, it is advisable to make frequent enquiries from different sources shortly before the event is expected. Tourist offices are not well informed about these events.

Locations are listed in alphabetical order.



Broadcasts (siaran)

Solo: RRI studios/auditorium; also klenèngan at kraton and Mangkunegaran. For broadcast frequency, see RRI.
Yogya: Radio Geronimo, RRI studios; also uyon-uyon at kraton and Pakualaman. For broadcast frequency, see station.

Ceremonial gamelan

Solo: kraton

also see Sekatèn gamelan

Dance: bedhåyå and srimpi

Solo: kraton, Mangkunegaran, SMKI, STSI
Yogya: kraton, Hanoman's Forest Garden Restaurant, Pakualaman, ISI

Dance: gambyong, golèk, etc.

Solo: STSI
Yogya: Dalem Pujokusuman, ISI

Dance: 'Ramayana ballet'

Yogya: Dalem Pujokusuman, Purawisata


Yogya: Purawisata

Gamelan without dance/drama

see Klenèngan


Solo: street entertainment

Yogya: Purawisata


Solo: RRI auditorium

Yogya: RRI auditorium

There are also frequent broadcasts at night

including wetonan/tingalan

Solo: hotels, kraton, Mangkunegaran, SMKI, STSI
Yogya: hotels, kraton, Nyai Suharti, Pakualaman

Also see Broadcasts


Yogya: hotels


Pundong village
: kraton

Ramayana ballet

see Dance: 'Ramayana ballet'

Sekar, måcåpat

Yogya: Hotel Garuda, kraton

Sekatèn gamelan

Solo: kraton
Yogya: kraton


see Dance: 'Ramayana ballet'

Siteran groups

Solo: street entertainment
Yogya: hotels

Trance dance

Solo: street entertainment


(Yogya term) see Klenèngan

Wayang gedhog

Yogya: Purawisata

Wayang golèk

Yogya: Hanoman's Forest Garden Restaurant, kraton

Wayang klithik

Wayang kulit (purwå)

Solo: Anom Suroto's house, kraton, RRI auditorium, STSI, SMKI, Taman Budhaya Surakarta
Yogya: Hanoman's Forest Garden Restaurant, ISI, kraton, Nyai Suharti, Radio Geronimo, RRI auditorium, Sonobudoyo Museum

There are also frequent broadcasts at night

Wayang orang

see Wayang wong

Wayang wong

Solo: RRI auditorium, Sriwedari theatre
Yogya: RRI auditorium








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