Events in Solo (Surakarta)

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Anom Suroto's house, Timasan

Timasan is to the west of the city. Tell the taxi driver to go to Tugu Lilin, Makam Haji, and turn left. On the right there is a sports field. Take the second turn on the right after the sports field, and Anom Suroto's house is on the left, about 100 m down the road. The performing area is well back from the road, and not well signposted. Ask for directions locally if the taxi driver does not know the house.

Wayang kulit: Anom Suroto stages a wayang on his weton day, malam Rabu-Legi. The dhalang is normally a guest performer. Time: 2100?, but it may be best to arrive early to be sure of getting a good seat.

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Dec 03/Jan 04


Some top-class hotels, e.g. Kusuma Sahid Prince, have live gamelan music in the foyer. Enquire for details of times.


Kraton [E4]

Events take place in

  • the main pendhåpå (Sasono Sewoko), which is reached via the regular tourist entrance on the east side of the main kraton area
  • the Bangsal Måråkåtå, which is not normally accessible. When a broadcast is due to take place, the RRI outside broadcast van will be parked in front of the entrance on Jl Sasono Mulyo: follow the cables into the kraton
  • Siti Hinggil, which is behind the Pagelaran, reached from the Alun-alun Lor (= Alun-alun Utara).
  • Bale Agung, near Jl Slamet Riyadi.

Wetonan and siaran: malam Selasa-Legi, 2200, in ??. ??includes srimpi?? This takes place outside the usual opening hours of the kraton. Following the death of Pakubowono XII in June 2004 and the accession of a new susuhunan, this wetonan date must be expected to change.

Klenèngan and siaran: first Monday of month, 1130, in Bangsal Måråkåtå

Dance rehearsal: Sunday, 1300??, in Sasono Sewoko

Bedhåyå Ketawang: Selasa-Kliwon, 1200 approx., in Sasono Sewoko. This finishes after the usual closing time of the kraton, so arrive in good time.

Ceremonial gamelan Sekatèn: the week of 5–12 Mulud, except for Jum'at, in the two small pavilions (pagongan) in front of the Great Mosque (Mesjid Ageng) west of the Alun-alun Lor. The instruments are carried in procession from the kraton to the pagongan at the start of the week. Confirm details of dates and times before the event.

Ceremonial gamelan Munggang: ??, at Siti Hinggil.

Wayang kulit: malam Selasa-Legi, in Bale Agung.

Richard Pickvance
Dec 03/Jan 04

Kitsie Emerson Oct 04

Mangkunegaran palace [D3]

The main entrance is on Jl Ronggowarsito, but visitors who are only attending performances can enter via the east gate on Jl Teuku Umar, opposite the end of Jl Sugiyopranoto. Events take place in the main pendhåpå (Pendhopo Ageng).

Wetonan and siaran: malam Sabtu-Pon, 2200. This takes place outside the usual opening hours.

Dance rehearsal/klenèngan and siaran: Wednesday, 1000. This is basically a dance rehearsal. If the dancers are not ready, the musicians may amuse themselves by playing a gendhing bonang. In the first and third weeks of the month, this becomes a broadcast klenèngan around 1130; however, if the wetonan falls on the following Friday, the Wednesday broadcast is delayed into the week after the wetonan.

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Dec 03/Jan 04

Kitsie Emerson Oct 04

RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia) [D2/3]

Studios and auditorium are on Jl Abdul Rahman Saleh (Jl Markoni). Broadcasts on ??.?? MHz FM.

Wayang kulit: possibly the third Saturday of the month, 2100 to 0500, in auditorium.

Kethoprak: some Tuesdays, 2000 to 0000, in auditorium.

Wayang wong: most Tuesdays, 2000 to 0000, in auditorium.


  • Evening, ?Thursday, 2200, in studios or auditorium. Check days and times via the security man at the gate.
  • Midday, ?days, 1130?

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Dec 03/Jan 04

Kitsie Emerson Oct 04

SMKI (Sekolah Menengah Karawitan Indonesia) [E3]

Music high school, on Jl Kepatihan Wetan.

Dance rehearsals including srimpi can be seen most mornings from 0800, in the pendhåpå in front of the buildings.

Klenèngan: malam Selasa-Kliwon, 2000, in one of the studios: ask for directions or follow the other visitors.

Wayang: malam Kamis-Legi, in pendhåpå in front of school.

Richard Pickvance
Dec 03/Jan 04

Kitsie Emerson Oct 04

Sriwedari [C3]

Entertainment complex on Jl Slamet Riyadi, including Museum Radya Pustaka, Tourist Office, amusement park, wayang wong theatre and cinemas. The buildings are well back from the main road.

Wayang wong: Monday–Saturday at 2000–2200.

Richard Pickvance
Dec 03/Jan 04

Street entertainment

Siteran groups. Several of these visit restaurants in the centre of town (including the well-known Warung Baru) in the evenings.

Jathilan. Hobby-horse dancing may occasionally be seen in the streets of Solo, although the performers are not necessarily in trance.

Richard Pickvance
Dec 03/Jan 04

STSI (Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia) [G2]

Tertiary-level arts academy. The entrance to the main performance space (Pendhåpå Ageng) is on Jl Ki Hajar Dewantoro. The main entrance is on Jl Petir.

Wayang kulit: in the Pendhåpå Ageng, no regular time or date?

Rehearsals for dance, karawitan and wayang kulit take place all over the site on Monday–Thursday and Saturday. Although activities theoretically run from about 0900 to 1300, in practice some may continue into the afternoon.

Richard Pickvance
Dec 03/Jan 04

Taman Budhaya Surakarta (TBS) [H3]

Cultural centre on Jl Ir. Sutami.

Wayang kulit performances are sometimes arranged, malam Jumat-Kliwon

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