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Indonesia introduced a new tourist visa policy in February 2004. Instead of receiving a free 60-day visa, citizens of a list of countries including the UK and the USA must now pay $25 on arrival for a 30-day non-renewable visa, or $10 for a three-day visa. These visas were to be available at many entry ports and airports, but not all of them: however, Solo City, Yogyakarta and Bandung airports have reportedly now been added. Citizens of another short list of countries can still enter visa-free. Citizens of other countries, including the Netherlands and Ireland, must obtain visas before arrival. Visitors who break the rules have been required to leave Indonesia by the next available flight. Business and 'social–cultural' visas are unaffected. Further details should be obtained from Indonesian embassies or consulates, and if possible from residents in Indonesia who may know more about how the scheme is working in practice.

Travel insurance policies often exclude cover in countries where a government travel warning applies. Read the small print! A UK government warning for all parts of Indonesia is again in force at present.

These pages are intended to supplement and correct the information given by guidebooks and tourist offices. As is well known, the Indonesian krisis moneter of 1997–8 affected artistic activities, and the Bali bomb had a serious effect on tourism. These factors have reduced the range of artistic attractions available for tourists. It is possible that some of the events listed here will be changed or will not take place at all. Numerous hotels and restaurants have gone out of business in the last few years. Altogether, guidebooks and other information sources are often unreliable and/or out of date.

To encourage accuracy, the source and date of the information are given if possible. Extra caution is advisable if no source is given.

This first batch of information covers the cities of Solo (Surakarta), Yogyakarta (Yogya) and adjacent areas of the province of Central Java (Jawa Tengah) and the Yogyakarta Autonomous Region (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta or DIY). If you wish to correct the information given here or to add similar information for other parts of Indonesia, please email the webmaster. If you are intending to use the information given here, please revisit the site and check for updates and corrections.

The main listing here is by location (Prambanan, Pundong, Solo, Yogyakarta), but you can also look up the type of event, e.g. dance, wayang golek.

It is also necessary to understand the calendars in use in Indonesia: see Calendars.








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