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New use for gamelan?

From the website of the New Statesman, the leading left-of-centre weekly political journal in the UK, where various experts and think-tanks were asked for the advice they would give to Gordon Brown, incoming Prime Minister of the UK:

Jude Kelly, artistic director of the Southbank Centre

June 2007

New gamelan

Where is the newest gamelan in the country? Is your gamelan included in the list and the map on this site? If not, tell the webmaster.

A Gamelan Manual

This comprehensive practical book for gamelan players and others is now launched: see separate pages.

Sep 2005

Gamelan in prisons

The Firebird Trust’s Good Vibrations project featured on BBC Radio 3's programme World Routes, and The Independent published a two-page illustrated article on 26 September 2006 (Home section, pages 14–15).

Reports on the Good Vibrations project are available. For recent independent evaluations of the project, please contact Cathy Eastburn (cathy$

This original project, organised by Cathy Eastburn for the Firebird Trust (, took a gamelan into five UK prisons during summer 2003. As her evaluation report puts it, 'Good Vibrations was set up with the aim of piloting gamelan workshops in prisons to assess their effectiveness in enhancing prisoners’ self-esteem and developing certain basic and key skills including communication, listening, team working, numeracy, problem-solving, concentration and motor skills.'

Everyone involved in the project rated it as a great success. The initial report can be downloaded here in .PDF file form, in two versions. The full version is 1460 KB, but there is a shorter version (540 KB) that omits Appendix 1: the appendix is an illustrated introduction to the gamelan, and anyone who is familiar with the gamelan will not need it.

The project is now in its third phase.

Sep 2005, updated Mar 2007








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