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American Gamelan Institute ( publishes the journal Balungan. The website lists gamelan groups and gamelan builders, offers kepatihan fonts, various writings, ‘Gongcast’ broadcast of music samples.

Asian Music Circuit ( an umbrella organisation for Asian music performing groups.

Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) ( ‘databank on traditional/folk performing arts in Asia and the Pacific’.

ASKI recordings ( source of streamed recordings of central Javanese repertoire, recorded at ASKI (predecessor of STSI Solo) in 1971, and focusing on specific instruments.

Australia ( list of gamelan in Australia and New Zealand, reviews, etc.

Canada, Gamelan groups in (

CIA World Factbook ( the entry for Indonesia, giving background information on the country.

Cirebon Arts ( website on the gamelan and other arts of Cirebon, created by Western enthusiasts.

Gamelan Hawaii ( information on Javanese and Balinese gamelan, including the introduction Toward an appreciation of Javanese gamelan by Prof. Hardja Susilo and extensive information on Balinese gong kebyar.

Gamelan Network, UK ( information on resources for schools and the community (including a list of teachers), and performing groups.

Gamelans of the Kraton Yogyakarta, by Roger Vetter ( photographs, information and sound samples.

Gendhing Jawa ( notation for over 1000 pieces from the central Javanese repertoire in downloadable .PDF files.

Gung Gongs ( site of a gong-maker at Sukoharjo, with photographs of the manufacturing process.

Het Gamelanhuis [The Gamelan House] ( gamelan events in the Netherlands, also background information with sound clips and vintage photographs, mainly on central Javanese gamelan. In Dutch.

Indonesian Music Shop ( 'online music shop' based in Maryland, USA.

Indonet publishing ( details of gamelan groups in the Netherlands.

Interactive Gamelan ( the BBC's 'interactive gamelan' game has been on the BBC website for many months. Requires Shockwave.

ISI Denpasar ( website of the academy, in Indonesian.

ISI Surakarta ( website of the academy (known as STSI until September 2006), mainly in Indonesian.

ISI Yogyakarta ( website of the academy, mainly in Indonesian.

Joglosemar ( a wide variety of information on central Java and its culture. The English is rough, and the event information is out of date. (The name is derived from Jogyakarta, Solo and Semarang.)

Kulturkontakt ( a 'database of European gamelan groups' plus information on events and performing groups in Germany. A photo library is promised. In English and German. E-Mail: info%$

Murni's ( an extensive collection of material on Balinese culture, including music, dance and wayang. Also an online shop.

Musiques de Bali et Java en France [Music of Bali and Java in France] ( Jean-Pierre Chazal's site, with a list of gamelan in France, event information, bibliography, discography, good links to sources on the history of the gamelan in Europe, etc. Some parts in English as well as French.

New Zealand ( list of gamelan in Australia and New Zealand, reviews, etc.

Northern Illinois University ( sound recordings and background information on Balinese and Javanese gamelan.

Radio Geronimo ( Yogya's experimental music station: in Indonesian.

Radio Republik Indonesia ( website of Indonesia's state broadcaster, mostly available in English and other languages. Worth monitoring because of indications that streaming broadcasts, potentially including music, are planned (although they were not yet in operation when this page was written).

Rob van Albada's home page ( notation (requiring Kepatihan Pro font from AGI), recordings, etc., mainly for central Javanese gamelan.

Samples of a Balinese gamelan Semar Pegulingan on CD (

Samples of Gamelan Kyai Parijata ( downloadable samples from the central Javanese pélog/sléndro gamelan in the Museum Nusantara at Delft, Netherlands, with documentation.

Sekar Enggal ( background information on Sundanese music and culture, with MP3 clips of music.

Seleh Notes ( website of the journal for the UK gamelan community.

Sinar Anyar ( 'Resources on Javanese court dances and gamelan music', including a select list of notation for central Javanese pieces. A Dutch website with much English content.

STSI Denpasar see ISI Denpasar.

STSI Surakarta see ISI Surakarta.

Takwim info ( information on calendars, including a conversion program.

University of Michigan ( Quicktime VR presentation and background information on central Javanese gamelan.

Virtual Instrument Museum ( Wesleyan University's collection of instruments, presented as audio and video clips and still images, with background information.

Wikipedia ( the gamelan page in the Wikipedia web encyclopedia.

Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival ( in English.


Currently dead links

These links to former websites are included for the benefit of anyone willing to spend time in tracking down their present locations, if any.

JawaPalace (formerly at a variety of information on Indonesia and its culture, mostly in Indonesian, but some Javanese. Not recommended for migraine sufferers.








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