This page is for announcements of public performances of gamelan, with or without dance and drama; also for one-off workshops, weekends, summer courses, etc. Information on regular classes and workshops is best obtained directly from the gamelan group involved see the List of gamelan page.

To get your event listed here, please send the following to the webmaster:

  • title of event, if any
  • brief description
  • names of main performers
  • date, time and place
  • phone number and/or website for obtaining tickets
  • e-mail address and/or website for obtaining further information

If you have a suitable photograph, it may be possible to include it in your listing: please consult the webmaster.

E-mail addresses

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Javanese gamelan performances, London

The Southbank Gamelan Players are performing on the Ballroom floor, Royal Festival Hall, on Thursday 8 December at 1800 and 2100, before and after the Turangalila-Symphonie of Olivier Messiaen is played in the Royal Festival Hall. (The connection is that Messiaen described the percussion section of his orchestra as a gamelan.)

Sundanese gamelan performance, RHUL, Egham

A performance is being given at Royal Holloway College (University of London), Egham Hill, in the Windsor Building on Wednesday 20 February at 1930. Tickets can be purchased on the door.








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